Forestry Fire Hose – HBS

Polyester Single Jacket Forestry/Wildland Hose

• This hose is strong and lightweight, easy to handle as forestry fire hose
• Color treatment improves durability and mildew resistance, no drying is required
• Polyurethane lining delivers more water and reduces friction loss
• Available in 50’ and 100’ lengths
• Remains flexible to -65°F (-45°C)
• This hose is coupled NPSH/NH threads rocker lug or ¼” turn forestry couplings

Forestry Fire Hose - HBS

• This hose is manufactured to meet and exceeds the NFPA 1961 standard and USDA 5100-187c TYPE I and TYPE II
• Meets or exceeds ULC-S518.1-11

Technical Data